Learn To Trade – Trading Template

Learn To Trade – Trading Template provides you the chance to take steps to financial independence and completely flip spherical your technique of seeing the work world.

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Trading Template
MS Stock Trading

Course overview

 Learn To Trade – Trading Template walks you through the simple process of knowing exactly how to extract cash from the market. Mike Aston has put together a specific system that will teach you how to trade, when to trade, and what to trade.

This course is designed for Stock Trading, Forex, and Futures Trading.

Course Outline

Trading Template eBook

  • Mike’s personal method for trading Stocks, Futures, and Forex

Main Course

  • Lesson One: Psychological Realignment (36:44)
  • Lesson Two: Ah, the light comes on! (59:45)
  • Lesson Three: Time to change my position (64:09)
  • Lesson Four: Review (21:00)

Part 2: Diving in Deeper

  • Short Selling (7:25)
  • Advancers & Decliners (4:35)
  • Stop Loss (Audio)
  • It’s Wrong Unless Proven Correct (Audio)
  • Bad Trade Example (7:56)
  • Daily Trading (16:28)
  • Losing Correctly (52:17)
  • Non Producer Example (4:50)
  • Small Little Losers (14:11)
  • Master the LOC’s First (25:05)
  • Take Your Eye Off Making Money (14:20)
  • Wiggle Room (11:52)
  • Free Place to Practice LOC’s (62:29)
  • Where to start practicing? (6:32)
  • Practice with Trade Station (98:23)
  • Notes from Students
  • What is a true LOC? (18:27)
  • Get Rid of Everything You Already Know! (82:51)
  • Student Review (57:33)
  • Mike’s Thinking during a Live Trade Pt. 1 (25:57)
  • Mike’s Thinking during a Live Trade Pt. 2 (5:02)
  • Mike Live Trading (21:10)


What will you learn?

  • How to use Mike Aston’s template.
  • How to generate $1,000 a day from home with just one tool, the LOC.
  • How to properly engage the flow of money.
  • How to “lose correctly” to become the winner.
  • And many more.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who’re on the lookout for to experience financial freedom.


Mike Aston

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