The Hanna ETF Money Flow System – Robert B.Hanna

The Hanna ETF Money Flow Trading System is the name of the system. It is a strategy that is meant to properly spot and catch large short-term market reversals…but with an extra advantage.

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Robert B.Hanna
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

The name of the system is The Hanna ETF Money Flow Trading System. It is a system that is designed to accurately pinpoint and catch major short-term reversals in the market…but with an added edge. The edge comes through my proprietary method (explained later) moving in sync with the major Wall Street institutions.


The system also comes complete with a fully back tested position sizing and money management plan that will help you determine the appropriate allocations for your trades. The results below show a portfolio’s performance statistics with the Hanna ETF Money Flow System techniques and money management rules applied.


Course Outline

  • Step 1 — Identify the most opportune times to anticipate institutional money flows from one sector to another. The Hanna ETF Money Flow System first detects when a shift is likely to occur, causing money to flow from sector to another.
  • Step 2 — Trade The Sectors That Are Most Likely To Be Affected By This Money Flow. Many trading systems will attempt to “buy the bottom or sell the top.” But are these really the best actions to take? Not even close…according to my research. You see, the majority of Wall Street money does not flow in or out of the market. The major institutions such as mutual funds and brokerage firms cannot and do not have the option of holding large cash positions. They must always keep most of their funds in the market.


What Will You Learn?

  • In-Depth Strategy guide. You will receive a Strategy Guide that provides you with all of the details you need to fully understand and immediately apply my system to your own trading.
  • All system entry and exit rules. After the thousands of research hours that I poured into the development of this system, I discovered that it only required a few simple rules. You will be provided with these clear and straightforward rules, which enable to you enter and exit at the correct times in the sectors.
  • Fully disclosed system logic. I will provide you with all the details about why and how my system works. You will learn how Wall Street institutions directly impact market behavior when they shift their holdings from one sector to another. I will show you how I have quantified this process to a much deeper level than you have probably seen and how I created a viable system out of it. No one else, to my knowledge, has done this.
  • A complete money management plan. This is a plan that can help you understand risks and determine trade size. I will show how applying this plan to a $100,000 portfolio would have grown it to over $400,000 by using nothing but the Hanna Money Flow System and the money management techniques described in the manual.
  • The Hanna Sector & ETF Target List. I will provide you with a list of eight core ETFs which, based upon my research, are the “ground zeros” of heavy institutional buying and selling when the market bottoms or tops out.
  • System Performance And Analysis. So that you develop the same confidence in the system that I have, I will provide you with documentation on how the system performed for my entire test period from 1996 to 2004.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Traders who want to find opportunities in many different markets, whether you’re trading a bull or a bear market.


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