How to Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci – Wayne Gorman

In the How to Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci course, market swings or pricing patterns are no longer uncontrollable with a set of dependable and time-tested tactics. The trainer provides real-world trading examples and exercises to utilize Fibonacci to predict market movements.

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Course overview

The iconic methodologies collide in the Elliott Wave International course How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci, devised by Wayne Gorman, your instructor. Beyond what you already know about Fibonacci adaptability is completely packed in this course, with supercharged power when paired with Wave concepts. With a set of reliable and time-tested strategies, market fluctuations or price patterns are no longer out of control. Wayne Gorman offers real trading examples and exercises as part of an in-depth explanation of how to use Fibonacci to anticipate market moves. Theoretical information is incorporated in practical views, making approaches easier to comprehend.

Course outline

The detailed content of the  How to Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci course includes the flow of content. 90-minute online video covers all the basics of the Elliott Wave Principle:

  • Its rules and guidelines to wave personalities, to wave structures, to Fibonacci relationships.
  • Techniques on how to spot the basic formations in price data and what to expect next.
  • Skills on how to apply Fibonacci relationships to your own trading.
  • A host of charts and real-world exercises to show you exactly how to apply Fibonacci relationships alongside the Wave Principle

What will you learn?

The  How to Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci course will allow you to reach these significant values:

  • The ability to pinpoint the support, resistance and trend reversals.
  • The correlation of Fibonacci to the overall wave structure.
  • The big picture of market movements and the influential factors.
  • The guidelines of how to leverage the insights into trends.
  • The strategies and tactics for higher profitability and low risk-taking.
  • Skills to get the timing of market entries/exits and trade start/stops at the optimal risk/reward ratios.

Who is this course for?

The How to Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci course is tailored for:

  • Those who are focusing on improving their Fibonacci skills on trading.
  • Those who need to better understand the norms and criteria apply to wave personalities, wave structures, and Fibonacci connections.
  • Those who need to improve their skills on market entry/exit and trade start/stop timing at optimal risk/reward ratios.


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