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Compassfx – Sharp Edge Institutional Ultimate Trade Program simplifies the principles of the price actions in any markets, such as forex, bonds, oil, index markets, etc. You will not only learn practical frameworks but also powerful tools to maintain consistent profitability amidst the volatile markets.

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Financial Markets

Course Overview

Trading edges are not hard to develop and maintain, yet it is not easy! You need to understand the core concepts and principles behind tumultuous price actions.

Sharp Edge Institutional Ultimate Trade Program by Compass Fx paves you the path to trading success through its comprehensive guides. The aspects the course covers are from the fundamentals to advanced strategies!

Course Outline

  • Institutional Order Flow Basics: Absorption and Exhaustion, Market Imbalances, and Block Trades
  • Market Delta, Passive vs Responsive Action, and Auctions.
  • Fundamentals and Technicals in all markets.
  • Value Trading – How the Banks trade
  • Entering the Matrix
  • Price Action to Fine Tune your Entries
  • Forex – Basics to Advanced including Book Balancing Events that Drive Cash Flows
  • Equities – Event Horizon Trades
  • Oil – Using what the Banks do to Give you an Edge
  • Bonds – Curve and Outrights…learn the Logic of the Markets
  • Index Markets – Market Internals used in the ES…the Rotation Principle of Money
  • Institutional Liquidity – Levels, Level, Levels
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Squeeze Trades – Retails Edge over the Institutions
  • News Trading – Fair Value before and after events Contra Trade OST
  • Price Action Concepts
  • Fundamental Analysis and trade positioning ahead and after the data release
  • Yield Curves, Volatility Skews.
  • Market and Volume Profile – Acceptance and Rejection – Value in Context
  • Money Management
  • Psych Ops – How to think like an institutional trader

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the markets through the fundamentals of Institutional Order Flow, Absorption and Exhaustion, Market Imbalance, and Block Trades.
  • The detailed explanation about adaptable Fundamentals and Technicals to all markets.
  • The course instructs you on comprehensive guides on various instruments, such as:
    • A full guide to Forex trading sheds light on the fundamentals and advanced concepts to enhance your income.
    • Equities: you will learn how to execute event horizon trades.
    • Oil is among the popular commodities to trade and invest in. You will learn how to use what the Banks do to give you a trading edge!
    • Bonds: The challenges and advantages that you will face when trading bonds are under the spotlight. The Logic of the Markets is the underlying factor you should learn to decode for success!
    • Index Markets: Insights into the market internals used in the ES and the Rotation Principle of Money.
  • Institutional Liquidity and Liquidity Analysis help you understand this element to decide your trade actions for better development of strategies.
  • Squeeze Trades – Retails Edge over the Institutions: you will learn how to conduct squeeze trades for the buildup of retail trades and earn high profits.
  • News Trading: The impacts of financial news and other relevant events on the creation and changes of market trends.
  • Price Action Concepts: you can get familiar with the best approaches to decode the ups and downs of price movements.
  • Learn To “Keep Up” With The Market: How to develop techniques and strategies that can grab the opportunities for the phenomenal growth of profits.
  • Fundamental Analysis and trade positioning ahead and after data release:  this technique helps you see through the intrinsic value of a stock for long-term investing.
  • Yield Curves, Volatility Skews: the instructions on these aspects help you better understand how and why the market gets stirred. So, you can learn to develop viable approaches to exploit the volatility of the markets.
  • Market and Volume Profile – Acceptance and Rejection – Value in Context: You learn how to analyze the financial markets from many perspectives for a comprehensive view and clever decisions.
  • Money Management: This section provides a walk-through on money allocation and risk tolerance according to the initial investment.
  • Psych Ops – How to think like an institutional trader: the presence of your mind plays an important role in the success of a trader. So, the course shares a practical approach to strengthening your mind amidst the chaos.

Who Is This Course For?

Sharp Edge Institutional Ultimate Trade Program by Compass Fx is for any trader in multiple instruments, such as forex, bonds, equities, oil, etc. If you are new to trading, you can build a solid foundation and level up your skills. The design of the curriculum enables you to filter out the distracting signals by the mastery of basics and proven techniques.



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