Large Cap Day Trading Course – Warrior Trading

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Large Cap Day Trading Course by Warrior Trading provides adaptable tools, management tactics, analysis techniques, and strategies. You will learn how to build and develop strategies through instructions and case studies. 

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Ross Cameron, Warrior Trading
Financial Markets

Course Overview

Large Cap Day Trading Course by Warrior Trading addresses the main aspects to make a profitable trade, including analysis, trading plans, strategies, tools, and management. The highlighted topic is how you combine all these elements for large-cap trading.

There are 14 chapters through which you can become the master of your own trading. Not only theory instructions, but you will also access real-world trading examples and case studies. Thus, the profitability of large-cap trading increases and maintains consistency.

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Intro to Large Cap Trading
  • Chapter 2: Risk Management
  • Chapter 3: Stock Selection
  • Chapter 4: Developing an Edge
  • Chapter 5: Micro vs. Macro Markets
  • Chapter 6: Support & Resistance
  • Chapter 7: Daily Chart Patterns
  • Chapter 8: Intraday & Entry Patterns
  • Chapter 9: Technical Trading Strategies
  • Chapter 10: Volume Profile Analysis
  • Chapter 11: Trade Management
  • Chapter 12: Overview of Trading Tools
  • Chapter 13: Trading Plan & Your Business
  • Chapter 14: Recommended Reading

What Will You Learn?

  • How to profitable trade large caps.
  • Powerful trading tools that take strains off your shoulder.
  • How to effectively manage your trades and risk amidst the volatile markets.
  • The patterns of market momentums for optimal entries and exits.
  • How to combine insights from technical analysis and tools in a feasible trading plan.

Who Is This Course For?

It is a great assistance for those who want to obtain higher profits from large-cap trading. The fundamentals and powerful frameworks come hand in hand with real-world case studies. So, it is easy for even the starters.



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