P&L Accumulation Distribution – Charles Drummond

P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond gives you tips and tools the detect reliable patterns so that you can make further profitable decisions.

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Charles Drummond, Drummond Geometry
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Following the technical analysis method introduced in P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond, you will be finding the following, with the envelope concept: prices will move from bottom of the envelope to the top of the envelope. If prices are going to exit the envelope, the plot will push it. Once outside the envelope, prices will stay outside until opposing energy will force it inside, and we observe this energy by knowing what patterns do the job. It is consistent and reliable.

Course Outline

  • P&L Accumulation Distribution – Charles Drummond.pdf

What Will You Learn?

  • What “Distribution and Accumulation” is and why do we use it
  • Distribution relates to how resistance performs
  • Accumulation relates to how support performs
  • And many more

Who is This Course For?

P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond holds extensively complex topics of technical analysis, which may be best suited for advanced traders.



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