Mostafa Belkhayate Trading System

Mostafa Belkhayate Trading System completes the power of many custom-made indicators for technical analyzing the movements of the forex market.

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Indicator, Mostafa Belkhayate
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

The Mostafa Belkhayate Trading System is a collection of custom-made indicators, mainly based on the MBFX trading system indicator where the other two indicators (MBFX timing indicator and MBFX Belkhayate Timing) at the independent window below the main chart are used for confirmation.


MBFX trading system indicator mainly uses market data and a mathematical formula that is related to the golden ratio of 1.618. MBFX timing indicator is a modified version of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator and the other MBFX Belkhayate Timing indicator has a range between 15 to -15 where 4,8 (sell zone) at the upside and -4,-8 (buy zone) at the downside of the central (0) level are marked.


Course Outline

  • MBFX trading system
  • MBFX timing indicator
  • MBFX Belkhayate Timing


What Will You Learn?

  • How to install the indicator and all related applications
  • Using market data and a mathematical formula that is related to the golden ratio 1.618, which is very effective at the forex market for price retracement
  • Effectively working with every type of currency pairs
  • Determining the resistance and support line


Who is This Course For?

Mostafa Belkhayate is a simple and easy-to-use trading system based on custom-made technical analysis indicators for any trader (from beginner to pro) to trade with.



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