The Rare Writings of W.D Gann – Bradley F. Cowan

The Rare Writings of W.D Gann by Bradley F. Cowan provides you with the father’s rare methods for technical analysis.

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Course Overview

The Rare Writings of W.D Gann by Bradley F. Cowan contains some of the most valuable WD Gann Courses ever written by the father of technical analysis. It reveals his secret technical analysis methods applicable to the stock and commodity markets that were previously known to only a few people.


Course Outline

  • Natural Resistance Levels and Time Cycle Points
  • How To Make Profits Trading In Puts And Calls
  • How To Sell Puts And Calls
  • Forecasting
  • Auburn Motors
  • Soy Beans Price Resistance Levels
  • Coffee Santos; Coffee Rio Points
  • D. Gann Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions
  • Method For Forecasting The Stock Market
  • Gann’s Personal Astrological Charts


What will you learn?

  • How to use put and call orders instead of stop-loss orders
  • Know when to buy, what stocks to buy, and the rules for buying and selling undervalued stocks
  • Time cycle and how to make forecasts by day, week, month, year
  • Know the WD math formula and apply it to predictions


Who is this course for?

  • The Rare Writings of W.D Gann by Bradley F. Cowan is suitable for the stock market with little-known technical analysis methods
  • This course is also very easy to understand for beginners


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