Mastering Elliott Wave – Glenn Neely

Mastering Elliott Wave by Glenn Neely introduces a scientific, objective approach to market analysis.

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Glenn Neely, NeoWave
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Mastering Elliott Wave – Glenn Neely Description

This book was written with the intent of significantly advancing the viability of Elliott Wave Theory by introducing a scientific, objective approach to market analysis. This innovative approach, known as the Neely Method of Elliott Wave analysis, is the result of a decade of trading, teaching, and extensive research by the author.


In reading this book, you will quickly realize it is like no other you have ever found in market analysis. Presented herein is the first step-by-step approach to Elliott Wave analysis ever devised. No aspect of the Theory is left for you to ponder. Every detail is thoroughly explained and, in the words of Bruce Babcock (Commodity Traders Consumer Reports), “every sentence is devoted to something important.”

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

Chapter 1: Elementary Discussions

Chapter 2: Concepts

Chapter 3: Premilinary Analysis

Chapter 4: Intermediate Observation

Chapter 5: Central Consideration

Chapter 6: Post-Constructive Rules of Logic

Chapter 7: Conclusion

Chapter 8: Construction of Complex Polywaves, Multiwaves

Chapter 9: Basic Neely Extension

Chapter 10: Advanced Logic Rules

Chapter 11: Advanced Progress Labels Application

Chapter 12: Advanced Neely Extension



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