Trading Ist Ein Geschaft (German) ( – Joe Ross

Trading Ist Ein Geschaft (German) ( by Joe Ross helps you to know exactly how to trade each and every concept.

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Trading Educators, Joe Ross
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

My books are often inspired by people I’ve met at some point. This work is no exception, and this revised edition in particular is on this way came about. It probably would have been possible to create a whole new book with the information which I included in this revised edition, but after a long time. After reflection, I decided that this book was the best place for the things I say wanted.


Course Outline

1 Background Information

2 And so it goes

3 Most traders know how to trade

3.1 Traders make great students

4 narrow-mindedness

4.1 The correct answer

5 Patterns, Rules and Procedures

5.1 When Rules Don’t Work

6 The expectation that markets are logical

6.1 Regulated Markets

7 Lack of faith in one’s intuition

8 The belief that one must act

9 How to turn an art into a science

10 The pursuit of perfection

10.1 Fear of Failure

11 Self Analysis

12 Trading is a business

13 Possible Errors

13.1 Over-trading

13.2 Lack of Perspective

13.3 Fear

13.4 You stay in the market too long

13.5 You expect too much from a trade

13.6 The Greater Fool

13.7 Greed

13.8 You think trading is an investment

13.9 You despair

13.10 You listen to the opinions of others

13.11 They seek the Holy Grail

13.12 Boredom

13.13 Not knowing what it means to let profits run

13.14 You do not understand risk

13.15 They do not understand losses

13.16 They are trying to reinvent the wheel

13.17 You are a show-off

13:18 They lie and cheat

13.19 Speedy Eddie Silver ‘8

13.20 stubborn

13.21 False Pride

13.22 They keep throwing good money after bad

14 Wistful Willie Wheat

15 We’ll rebuild you

15.1 Ingenuity

15.2 Diligence

15.3 Flexibility

16 knowledge

16.1 Know Thyself

16.2 Be well informed

17 Trade with wisdom

18 trading rules

18.1 Management

18.2 Pyramids

18.3 Seasonal Variations

18.4 Stops

18.5 Trading Philosophy

18.6 Trading Rules

19 patience

20 stamina

21 honesty and truth

22 Strengthen character

22.1 The Life Index

22.2 Application of the Life Index

22.2.1 Business Life .

22.2.2 Physical Wellbeing

22.2.3 Social Life”

22.2.4 Emotional Life’

22.3 Charting the Life Index

23 make profits

23.1 Realize profits quickly

23.2 Commissions

23.3 Moderate Random Prizes

23.4 Fantastic Random Prizes

23.5 Losses

24 Realize profits slowly

24.1 Pockets that are too deep

24.2 Scale Trading

25 chart patterns that bring success

25.1 Big Entry Signals

25.1.1 Breaking out of a sliding zone

25.1.2 Breaking out of a 1-2-3 high or low 1

24.1.3 Erupting from a ledge

25.1.4 Breaking out of a hook

25.2 Summary: Big Entry Signals

25.3 Additional Entry Signals

26 The Trading Cycle

27 The trader’s trick

27.1 The trick 175 28 Flexibility

29 management

29.1 Planning

29.2 Organization

29.3 Delegation

29.4 Management

29.5 Control

29.6 Trade Management

29.7 Risk Management

29.8 Money Management

29.9 Business Management

30 Order Placement

30.1 Open orders 1

30.2 Records

30.3 Order Ticket

30.4 Keep it short

30.5 Use open orders

30.6 cancel orders that are no longer of value

30.7 Use accepted orders

30.8 Order Types

30.8.1 Market Orders

30.8.2 MIT Orders

30.8.3 Stop Orders

30.8.4 Price Constrained Orders

30.8.5 Limit Orders

30.9 OCO Orders

30.9 Conditional Orders

30.10 Additional Considerations

30.11 Special Situation Orders

31 Technical Indicators

32 Basic Trading

33 Trade with the trend

34 Trade Selection

34.1 Three-day moving averagely advanced by three days

34.2 British pound

35 Finding and acting on trends

35.1 Keeping Losses Low

35.2 Holding Winning Trades

35.3 The catch technique

35.3.1 An established trend

35.3.2 My entry technique

36 Be realistic

37 Anticipatory Trading

38 The Trading Plan

38.1 The Trading Plan List

38.2 Trading Plan Details

38.2.1 Trade Entry

38.2.2 Liquidation to Recover Costs

38.2.3 Continuation and Closing Out

39 The real problem in the market

40 Summary Appendix


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to blend technical indicators together with chart patterns into a dynamic trading methodology
  • Learn how to discover a trend in its infancy
  • Learn how to know before everyone else when a market has stopped trending and is moving into congestion
  • Learn the right way to use technical indicators and then learn to trade them with the “Ross Hook” one of the most profitable chart patterns ever discovered
  • Learn about “Reverse Ross Hooks” and how to trade them and filter them using technical indicators in unique ways
  • Exactly how to trade each and every concept


Who Is This Course For?

Trading Ist Ein Geschaft (German) ( by Joe Ross is suitable for anyone who wants to update their knowledge about technical analysis.


Joe Ross

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