John Carter – Forex & Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar

Forex & Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar by John Carter is the push that every forex beginner is looking for to begin their journeys in forex trading.

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Course overview

With more than 16 hours of extensively detailed teaching, Forex & Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar by John Carter reveals all the secrets of becoming a successful trader in the forex trading market. Even as a fresher, you can transform into a well-trained trader capable of doing technical analysis on your own to forecast potential opportunities and maximize profits.

But it is not just the forex trading market covered in this course. Forex & Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar makes sure that learners have a broad understanding and application to all financial markets by featuring insightful information on Fibonacci techniques. The course starts from the basic Fibonacci Retracements to some of the most advanced and complex concepts, including Symmetry, Two-Step Patterns, and Gartleys.


Course outline

  • Forex Online 1
  • Forex Online 2
  • Forex Online 3
  • Forex Online 4
  • Forex Online 5
  • Forex Online 6
  • Forex and Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar CD


What will you learn?

  • 6 different professional traders with over 16 hours of instructions
  • Fibonacci techniques with appropriate approaches and comprehensive methods
  • Fibonacci-related techniques, including extensions, projections, clusters, confluence, as well as advanced strategies like symmetry, two-step patterns, and gartleys
  • Get more than 50k in 5 months with live trading demonstrations
  • Proper technical analysis techniques of all financial markets
  • A successful trader’s mentality
  • Featured indicators recommended for the forex trading market


Who is this course for?

Forex & Fibonacci Day Trading Seminar by John Carter takes you from a forex beginner to take a leap further to the next levels in just a short amount of time.


John Carter

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