Bollinger Bands Essentials – TradeSmart University

Bollinger Bands Essentials – TradeSmart University introduces the indicator that considers both price movement and volatility. This creates a powerful tool that adapts quickly to changing market conditions.

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TradeSmart University
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Course overview

Bollinger Bands Essentials – TradeSmart University teaches you three main methods of trading with the Bollinger Bands. You will also learn about two powerful Bollinger specific indicators to help interpret the information presented on the bands. You will discover a way to identify explosive trades just days before they explode, and also how to identify when a trade is complete and about to reverse.

This course is designed for Technical Analysis and Stock Trading.

Course Outline

  • 4 Core Classes
  • All on-going breakout sessions
  • All recordings
  • Notebooks for every class and breakout

What will you learn?

  • History of Bollinger Bands
  • Construction of the Bands
  • Bollinger specific Indicators
  • Understanding Bandwidth
  • Recognizing indicator setups
  • Bands & Candlesticks
  • Patterns inside the bands
  • And much more!

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for traders who have some basic stock training and experience but want to find better-quality potential trades.



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