7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course – Pristine

7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course by Pristine covers from the fundamental basics to the most complex topics in options and swing trading.

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Pristine, Oliver Velez
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Only through this multimedia course combo, 7 CD Pristine Method by Pristine, will you be able to properly absorb the abundance of content that Oliver Velez is set up to provide, including options trading and swing trading. The simple concepts and eye-opening self-tests bring knowledge to you and power to your trades. Make sure you don’t wind yourself on the wrong side of the market.


Course Outline

  • Pristine Seminar: Options Trading the Pristine Way
  • Pristine Seminar: Micro Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez
  • Pristine Seminar: Guerrilla Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez
  • Pristine: Intraday Trading Techniques by Greg Capra
  • Pristine: Insights into Direct Access and Trading Level 2
  • Pristine: Core Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez
  • Pristine: Swing Trading Tactics 2001 by Oliver Velez


What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the basics and terminology of options
  • How Pristine uses options to hedge, speculate, and make revenue on swing and core trades
  • How to choose the best option strategy, strike price, and expiry month, as well as risk factors such as the usage of contingent stop loss orders
  • How to improve your chances of micro trading success by utilizing Pristine’s nine powerful Reversal Times


Who is This Course For?

7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course by Pristine is a bundle holding an incredible amount of knowledge for traders at any level.


Oliver Velez

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