Four Core Income Trading Strategies – Simpler Option

The Four Core Income Trading Strategies by Simpler Option provides a comprehensive walkthrough of practical frameworks to deal with high volatility and grab trading opportunities for higher profits.

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John Carter, Simpler Option
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Through the Four Core Income Trading Strategies by Simpler Option, you will know the exact strategy to use every month for consistent income and build your steady equity curve with Bruce’s step-by-step demonstration.

Course Outline

  • Options Trading Concepts and Mindset
  • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega
  • Monthly Calendars Setups
  • Examples of Butterfly and Iron Condors
  • Course Slides, Notes, and Chat Transcripts

What Will You Learn?

  • The 3 favorite monthly trading strategies that he uses every month to generate consistent income so you will walk away knowing the exact income strategies to use.
  • The 3 defense strategies that can save the trade from disaster so you never have one trade cost you the success of 10 winning trades.
  • A step by step trade process so you know how to have a steady equity curve that goes from the lower left to the upper right without any wild fluctuations.
  • How to trade on the side of options professionals so you’re not caught on the wrong side of the trade.
  • How to put it all together in a concise trading plan schedule so you never have to guess what trade you put on when and how.
  • You will get an online recording the same day as the course, and a DVD of the course soon after.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is great for those who trade options profitably no matter how experienced they are.


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