Strategy Factory Workshop – Kevin Davey (Version 2016)

This course is an ultimate trading course for retail algorithmic traders who are habitually losing money, in lack of confidence, or fearful their trading systems lack an edge.

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Course overview

Strategy Factory Workshop – Kevin Davey (Version 2016) covers the majority of the elements essential for trading methods in an attempt to help algorithmic traders improve their trading style.

Taught by award-winning full-time trader and best-selling author Kevin Davey, this course provides you with proper algorithmic strategy development that can take your trading to the next level.

This course is designed for Algorithmic Trading.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Overview of Process, Discuss the Foundation of the Strategy Factory
  • Session 2: Discuss Details of the Strategy Factory​
  • Session 3: In-Depth Strategy Factory Walk Through, Develop Strategy #1
  • Session 4: Developing Strategy #2,  Reveal Strategy #3 and #4, Wrap Up

What will you learn?

  • How to find trading ideas
  • How to properly test a strategy
  • How to test the wrong way
  • How to evaluate – 10+ ways to evaluate a trading system
  • How to develop a trading strategy
  • Why goals and objectives are important to your success
  • How to avoid 9 terrible common mistakes in trading
  • Why you should have a strategy factory
  • How to choose a trading software package
  • How to detect testing pitfalls
  • How to realize a fake equity chart
  • Why snake oil vendors won’t burn you again
  • How to differentiate trading fiction from trading fact
  • Who to believe or not believe in trading, and why
  • How to test a strategy: 4 ways to do so
  • Why Monte Carlo testing can come in handy for your trading
  • How incubation helps turn you into a professional trader

Who is this course for?

Strategy Factory Workshop – Kevin Davey (Version 2016) is ideal for those who need to create, test, and assess their frameworks before risking cash.



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