Introduction to TradeStation Coding – Trading Markets

This course guides the primary features of this platform and the powerful techniques for beginners. So, they can enjoy an automated trading system for higher profits.

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Course Overview

Introduction to TradeStation Coding by Trading Markets is an ideal course for aspiring algorithmic traders. It highlights the main features and the best practices to utilize TradeStation’s functionality to automate your trades. As a result, you can increase your profits while spending less time sitting in front of screens.


Course Outline

General Overview of TradeStation

TradeStation is a comprehensive program where you can conduct advanced charting, backtesting, optimizing, scanning and auto execution capabilities. For those not familiar with the application, the course will quickly cover some major functionality.

  • Charting (including multi data charts)
  • Indicators
  • Strategies
  • RadarScreen
  • Scanner
  • Preferences
  • Help

Part 1 – Programming in EasyLanguage

  • Writing an Indicator
    • Review of the basic Indicator and Strategy Templates
    • Comments
    • Inputs, Variables, and Arrays
    • Plot Statements
    • Alerts
    • Adding useful icons to Developer environment
    • Help Files
  • Building a Strategy
    • Buy/Sell
    • SellShort/BuyToCover
    • Market Orders
    • Limit Orders
    • StopOrders
    • Profit Targets
    • StopLoss
    • Debugging techniques
    • Explaining the mystery of “MaxBarsBack”

Part 2 – Finding Your Set-ups

How to Apply RadarScreen to Amplify Your Trading

Finding Set-Ups with the TradeStation Scanner

Part 3 – Optimizing a Strategy

  • Standard vs Walk Forward
  • Exhaustive vs Genetic
  • Avoiding Common pitfalls

Part 4 – Auto Execution


What Will You Learn?

  • You can learn to automate your trading strategies. So, it is possible to spend time with your family and loved ones after trading sessions.
  • Proven frameworks to create, adjust, backtest, optimize, and implement simple TradeStation strategies.
  • How to develop your own custom indicator, and add it to an TradeStation chart.
  • How to apply RadarScreen and the TradeStation Scanner to pick the best strategy setups.


Who Is This Course For?

Introduction to TradeStation Coding by Trading Markets is ideal for those who have not had the basic knowledge about programming trades on TradeStation.


Additional Information:

  • You want to acquire the fundamentals of TradeStation programming.
  • It is necessary to install TradeStation 9.1 or newer version.


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