Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles – The Gann Method Volume I,II + Gann Astro Vol III Horoscopes and Trading Methods – Stock Cycle Forecast


Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles relies on astrology, horoscope, and numerology strategies to predict profitability of stock market.

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Stock Cycles Forecast
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Course overview

Predicting the future feels like the ability of a person who has been blessed by the almighty gods with the capacity of prophecy and that is precisely how inexperienced traders perceive their advanced professional successful traders that are capable of harvesting the steady flow of income.

Not everything withinside the world is impossible simply due to the fact individuals are ignorant of the manner to provide the breakthrough, in trading despite when the unstable price is at its peak in the market there can still be a manner to provide highly accurate marketplace forecasts


Course outline

Stock Cycle Forecast – Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles – The Gann Method Volume 1

  • It is the best book that covers the secret astrological techniques of W.D. Gann suggests how he certainly drew his trendlines or as he referred to them – timing angles- as well as his approach of figuring out cycles and predicting when a stock or commodity might make a high or low.

Stock Cycle Forecast – Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles – The Gann Method Volume II

  • This book is the second volume to the Gann Planetary set and suggests extra superior strategies and the very secretive astrological and numerological tweaks that make all of the difference withinside the world in getting the turns precisely right.

Stock Cycle Forecast – Gann Astro Vol III – Advanced Astrology – Horoscopes and Trading Methods

  • This book is the third volume to the Gann Planetary set and teaches the way to use the birth date horoscopes to forecast future highs and lows.

What will you learn?

  • Find cycles and predict when stocks go up or down with secret astrology techniques
  • Apply strategies of horoscopes and numerology, use the birth date horoscopes to stay on track when trading

Who is this course for?

Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles is suitable for those who want to know how to make a profit even when the market is volatile or the stock price is at a peak.



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