Private Trader, Founder of Stock Cycles Forecast 

Michael S. Jenkins is famous for his accurate forecasting of many major financial events, such as

  • The 1987 crash
  • The 1990 break
  • The year 2000 bear market & its lows in 2002 and 2003.
  • The final top in 2007 within two days.

That is why his newsletter, Stock Cycles Forecast, gained the complete trust of many traders and investors. Also, he was a regular guest on CNBC for over 12 years to share his analysis and predictions of financial markets.

Besides, he also published many articles, books, and courses on chart reading and market forecasting.

  • The Geometry of Stock Market Profits A Guide to Professional Trading For A Living.
  • Chart Reading For Professional Traders.
  • Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles – The Gann Method.
  • Basic Day Trading Techniques.
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