Nq Full Order Flow Course – Scott Pulcini Trader

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NQ Full Order Flow Course by Scott Pulcini Trader deep-dives into how to trade Nasdaq futures to gain the highest trading profitability with fewer risks.

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Scott Pulcini
Order Flow Trading

Course overview

NQ Full Order Flow Course by Scott Pulcini Trader is an intensive online course that lasts for three hours and clarifies the techniques of reading order flows trading and the recognition of patterns. The core of this course is to develop strategies based on the insights into the trading market, which can be achieved through reading order flows.

Course outline

Nq Full Order Flow Course includes:

  • 3 hours of deep learning about all order process patterns and how to correctly trade them: exhaustions, absorptions, spoofs, book flips, and more
  • The specific levels, unique to NQ, provide additional advantages, how to use them, with specific entries and exits
  • High probability short term entries, with favorable risk/reward: only looking for 6-8 ticks and at least 16 profit ticks
  • How to read and trade using volume profiles and VWAP
  • “Embedding cookies”, explained in the second part of the course, is a highly effective model that can usually deter most traders how to enter a trade on a trend day or range day
  • How to effectively manage your position once joined

What will you learn?

  • The identification of optimal market entries/exits and trade starts/stops is guided based on the insights into the specific levels that are unique for Nasdaq.
  • The methods to utilize the volume profile and VWAP tool
  • The techniques of “cookie dip” are openly shared with the explicit instruction and illustrations of charts.
  • The deep dives into short-term trading are provided to help you grab the trading opportunities for the top-out profits.
  • The methods to leverage insights from order flow reading to develop viable strategies are shown in the course.

Who is this course for?

Nq Full Order Flow Course will be suitable for those who:

  • Want to learn more about command-line reading methods
  • Discover how to trade Nasdaq futures
  • A fresh trader with the expectation of diverging trading strategies
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