Order Flow Pro – Jumpstart Trading

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Order Flow Pro published by Jumpstarttrading includes 3 modules that give traders help to feel free to design their own course.

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Jumpstart Trading
Order Flow Trading

Course overview

Order Flow Pro by Jumpstart Trading built by Adam Abbas has trained hundreds of successful traders. This is the final result after more than 15 years in business and has been tested. Along with learning the trading strategy, you will also learn about its underlying philosophy and why it is successful.

Course outline

Module 1

  • Intro
  • Chart Downloads & Installs
  • Questionnaire and Next Steps
  • Chart Overview

Module 2

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Footprint Charts
  • Indicator 1
  • Indicator 2
  • The Setup
  • Macro Picture
  • Trade Management

Module 3

  • Risk Management
  • Backtesting and Sim-Testing
  • Psychology
  • Trading Plan
  • Building Your Machine


  • Closing Bell Recordings
  • Trade Setups
  • Trade Journal
  • Chart Templates

What will you learn?

  • Learn about trading strategies, learn about the philosophy and why it makes your trading successful
  • Developing in an environment that is both supportive and healthy competition for mutual development

Who is this course for?

  • Order Flow Pro is suitable for traders who are new but have basic knowledge of stop-loss, or buy and sell orders
  • Not for those who are lazy, or want to make a quick profit (like Holy Grail)
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