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As easy to learn as the price of an ounce of gold, The Feathers Weight course provides a trading system that is simple while being effective. The Feathers Weight is an effective trading strategy with a fully rule-based system. With every movement of our indicators, you’ll know when to make a trade and when not to trade.

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Course overview

The approach of the Feathers Weight has been carefully crafted to avoid the dilemma that exists in today’s current trading systems. The objective underlying the Feathers Weight trading approach is to eliminate the potential of misunderstanding. As a result, the execution process follows rigorous criteria and is, to some extent, a fully rule-based system. The direction in Feibel Trading’s the Feathers Weight allows investors with little expertise to benefit from this technique.


Course outline

See the preview course overview below for more details about the Feathers Weight course:

  • Video 1 – Anatomy of the Feathers Weight:
    • Introduction
    • The Anatomy
    • Rules
    • Advantages
    • Setup Criteria
    • Entry, Exit and Stops
  • Videos 2 to 9 – Bullish Case Studies:
    • Various Momentum
    • Structure
    • Bar by Bar
    • Demand Zone
    • Failures
  • Videos 10 to 16 – Bearish Case Studies:
    • Various Momentum
    • Structure
    • Bar by Bar
    • Supply Zone
    • Failures
  • Video 17 – Final Words:
    • Wrap Up


What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Feathers Weight course

The following are some of the topics you might study in the Feathers Weight course:

  • 17 videos divided across four sessions.
  • Two predefined entry techniques
  • Four predefined stop techniques
  • Skills on how to eliminate the potential of misunderstanding rigorous restrictions
  • Rigorous standards and a fully rule-based system during the execution process
  • Numerous instances for both bullish and bearish settings
  • And so much more!

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Feathers Weight course

  • To remove the uncertainty that now surrounds contemporary trading tactics.
  • To reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding in the complex trade environment.
  • To generate a consistent stream of revenue while trading
  • To prevent being surrendered on trading due to financial market turbulence


Who is this course for?

Those who are suitable for the Feathers Weight course include:

  • Have high frequency of misunderstanding in trading
  • Always trapped in the quandary that exists in today’s trading systems
  • Lacks of stringent criteria and standards while trading
  • Have difficulties keeping strong trading habits on a long-term basis


Additional Information

Feibel Trading was founded with the goal of integrating contrarian approaches, modernism, and simplicity in order to prosper in global markets utilizing the technology developed by Richard Demille Wyckoff. The objective of Feibel Trading is to build the world’s largest proprietary trading firm employing discretionary tactics. Feibel Trading has developed a number of unique education tactics to give budding traders an enlightening approach, improving the learning experience.



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