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You can avoid losing money from risky trades by using the techniques described in Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker! The course is such an easy-to-understand guide that doesn’t require programming experience or even a deep understanding of the market.

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Bitcoin Trading Practice
Order Flow Trading

Course overview

Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker by Bitcoin Trading Practice teaches you how to interpret order flows, paving the way for a comprehensive grasp of the trading market. You may simply grasp why the market is heading in this manner, why it changes, and so on using this approach. Outsmart The Market Maker will teach you how to assess market momentum, places of support and resistance, and so on. The rule of supply and demand cannot be overlooked in Order Flow: Outsmart The Market Maker because it illuminates the motivations behind market swings and gives pointers for future movements.

Course outline

See the preview course overview below for more details about the Flow of Orders Outsmart the Market Maker course:

  • Section One: Understanding
    • Introduction
  • Section Two: In Practice
    • Trading Scenarios
    • Practice Scenarios
    • Mastery
    • Checklist

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker course

The following are some of the topics you might study in the Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker course:

  • The concept, principles, and functions of Order Flow
  • Knowledge of how to fully harness the power of general market statistics and restriction orders.
  • Extensive understanding of the in-depth investigation of supply/demand linkages in trading
  • There are several trade resources available, including private films, trading scenarios, practice scenarios, and more.
  • The marketplace’s momentum may be determined by looking at marketplace order flows.
  • The support/resistance zones will be preserved and able to fall.

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker course

  • To determine the marketplace’s momentum by looking at marketplace order flows.
  • To determine which support/resistance zones will survive and fall
  • To improve traders’ buying and selling executions through the use of deliver and call for run assessment.

Who is this course for?

The Order Flow Outsmart the Market Maker course is suitable for those who:

  • Having difficulty comprehending market behavior
  • Finding hard to foresee the market’s tipping moments between downtrends and uptrends
  • Lacking of understanding and practical experience with the law of supply and demand in trading
  • Lacking awareness and appliance relating to the hidden signals of iceberg orders and order spoofs
  • Have no idea about learning and practicing order flows for long-term profitability.

Additional Information

On the Bitcoin Trading Practice portal, you can discover several updated trading courses and textbooks. The consistent training and appropriate activities are the key reasons why many traders consider Bitcoin Trading Practice to be one of the best online trading education platforms. The most popular Bitcoin Trading Practice courses and books are Delta Neutral Trading for Passive Income, Outsmart The Market Maker, Fibonacci Master, and others. Furthermore, the practical components are emphasized in the Bitcoin Trading Practice instruction sessions. The Bitcoin Trading Practice provides genuine examples and realistic trading conditions for deep ‐ dives into the application to the real trading market.



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