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With the Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series, you can build a solid foundation for your trading career instead of risking money, time, and reputation. The video series helps you learn how professional traders make their daily markets, define your trading strategy, and build a solid foundation that will allow you to become successful at trading.

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Course overview

With the Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series by ITPM, you will learn the differences between professional traders and retail traders, so you can make an informed career decision. The course teaches you about realized volatility, which will assist you in making more informed decisions about your trading and investing activities in the future.  As well as assessing portfolio volatility, you will be able to estimate the risk you may face from your investments. The training will prepare you to become a successful trader, live a full life, and achieve your financial goals.

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) is the organization responsible for the course’s development and success. ITPM was founded in 2010 with the mission of educating, informing, coaching, and mentoring ambitious individuals toward trading and portfolio management success. With

  • over 100,000 seminar and webinar participants,
  • over 14,000 alumni,
  • over 1,000 traders worldwide,

ITPM  has played an important role in changing the face of retail trading in financial markets.

Course outline

The Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series cover a wide range of topics related to trading for consistent profits, including:

  • Professional traders vs retail traders 101
  • Professional traders vs retail traders 102
  • Realized volatility 1
  • Realized volatility 2
  • Realized volatility 3
  • Implied volatility 1
  • Implied volatility 2
  • Portfolio volatility 1
  • Portfolio volatility 2
  • Becoming a professional level trader

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series

What you can learn at the Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series is summarized below:

  • The fundamentals and advanced knowledge about professional traders and retail traders
  • Realized volatility and how to deal with market trends, price movements, and so on.
  • Skills on how to diversify trading portfolios by adding profitable trading items using data-driven and objective technical analysis.
  • The complete advice on expert trading tactics, routines, and strategies for trading profitability consistency.
  • The fundamentals of professional trading in the stock market.
  • The greatest trading ideas for maximizing returns while minimizing risk.
  • And so much more!

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series

After this course, online learners may:

  • Discover the distinctions between professional and retail traders
  • Determine your type of trader
  • Estimate the risk associated with your assets.

Who is this course for?

The Professional Level Trading (IPLT) Online Video Series by ITPM is best suited for those:

  • Have just started their trading journey, need to decide their trading style
  • Trying to decide between becoming a professional trader or a retail trader after trading for a while
  • Lacking experience, knowledge, and skills to become a professional trader
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