Mind Over Markets – James F.Dalton

Mind Over Markets by James F.Dalton highlights effective techniques and strategies based on the Market Profile approach. Not only theories, but you will also learn through examples and case studies.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Mind Over Markets by James F.Dalton is a great book for those who love to deep dive into trading markets for the recognition of market cycles. A comprehensive guide on methods and technical approaches is what you can expect. Then, you can collect valuable insights for viable strategy development.


Course Outline

  • The underlying principles and structure of financial markets.
  • The identification of value areas and price rejection points.
  • How to measure the strength of buyers and sellers.
  • The Market Profile approach’s evolution and how to apply it to real trading.
  • Powerful indicators that can alleviate your trading problems.


What Will You Learn?

  • Unconventional approaches to technical analysis for more valuable insights into the financial markets.
  • Simple explanation about the underlying dynamics and structure of markets.
  • How to determine value areas, price rejection points.
  • How to evaluate the strength of buyers and sellers.
  • Tried-and-true strategies and techniques for consistent profitability.
  • A guideline on market profile-based trading strategies.
  • How to take advantage of helpful indicators for profitable strategies.
  • Common features shared among profitable trading strategies.


Who Is This Course For?

Both beginners and experienced traders can benefit from Mind Over Markets by James F.Dalton. 



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