NY 7 – Matching Personality to Process – Tristan Edwards

Matching Personality to Process by Tristan Edwards shows you how to identify your go-to comfort zones for consistent flows of guaranteed profits.

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Tristan Edwards
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

Trading as an individual topic is, without a doubt, too broad with many different types of financial markets. It can be so broad that unprepared traders can easily be drowned under an overwhelming amount of knowledge. It is certainly not a good idea to take on all the markets and try to make profits from them all at once. A wise trader should instead concentrate on what they most enjoy and use them as niche zones for guaranteed returns, which is also the topic of NY 7 – Matching Personality to Process by Tristan Edwards.

In this seminar, Tristan Edwards shows you how to find your trading personality, thus, identifying your comfort zones. Matching Personality to Process shows that even professionals have their own niches in the trading industry from which they learn to yield incredibly attractive results instead of facing the entire market and gaining nothing. The author himself has followed the same approach and finally found his success. Now, it is time to find yours.

Course outline

  • NY 7 – Matching Personality to Process – Tristan Edwards.mp4

What will you learn?

  • Identifying the financial marketthat is the most suitable for your personality
  • Finding what you most enjoy and are good at in terms of making trading profits
  • Identifying your niche zone in trading
  • Decode the secrets of spending your energy for maximizing the returns
  • Avoid the struggle that prevents you from getting consistent flows of trading income

Who is this course for?

NY 7 – Matching Personality to Process by Tristan Edwards is created for all the traders out there who are getting drowned by the broadness of financial markets and just want to find their comfort zone.



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