Macro Fundamentals Trading Course – Fotis Trading Academy

Macro Fundamentals Trading Course walks you through the big picture of all the markets and shows the insights you can get from observing their movements.

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Course overview

Macro Fundamentals Trading Course by Fotis Trading Academy shows you the reason why a competitive trader should possess the good foundation knowledge of not only the insights into micro subjects but also the macro overview of all the markets and related aspects that may greatly influence their trends and movements.

Macro Fundamentals Trading Course covers the essentials when observing the big picture of the world markets and what insightful information you can deduct from them. And to aid you further in terms of technical analysis, the course offers advanced indicators so that learners can precisely predict what is possibly coming.


Course outline

  • Getting Started
  • Global Macro Training Week 1
  • Global Macro Training Week 2
  • Global Macro Training Week 3
  • Global Macro Training Week 4
  • Global Macro Training Week 5
  • Global Macro Training Week 6
  • Global Macro Selected Topics
  • Global Macro Extra Training Sessions

What will you learn?

  • Predicting what is most likely to happen next in all markets, including forex trading, options trading, CFDs, and the like
  • Staying longer in trades to earn big profits
  • Increasing your win ratios while keeping your losses at bay
  • Understanding the impact of global economic conditions, political and media events causing on financial markets

Who is this course for?

Macro Fundamentals Trading Course by Fotis Trading Academy has the big picture of the financial markets and the insights that are promisingly beneficial to all types of traders, no matter if you are new or have been in the trading game for years.



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