IBD’s Level 3 – Chart School

The IBD’s Level 3 course by Chart School (or The IBD Chart School) is jam-packed with lessons on how to improve positions, identify IPOs poised to break out, and comprehend charts at a deeper level.

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Chart School
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Course overview

Deeper understanding of charts to maximize gains and protect capital with the IBD Chart School. This advanced session, delivered by O’Neil Data Systems, Inc. Portfolio Managers Charles Harris and Mike Webster, is packed with information on how to improve positions. Furthermore, the IBD Chart School identifies IPOs that are poised to break out, and comprehend charts at a deeper level. You’ll also master crucial selling tactics for boosting profits and capital preservation.

Course outline

An in-depth examination of how to acquire stocks, including:

  • Purchase points and alternative purchase points
  • 50 examples of correct and incorrect cup-with-handles.
  • There are over ten examples of each of the other bases.
  • Introduction to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Initial Bases.

Offensive and defensive selling methods include the following:

  • There are 15 distinct sell signals and dozens more instances.
  • When should you learn to sell:
    • The stock is gaining in value, but there are warning signs.
    • The stock’s price is falling and displaying signs of fragility.
  • Money management techniques
  • Learn important concepts like follow-up purchasing, utilizing average cost, and aligning your trading style to your financial goals.
  • Learn how to manage your positions effectively in any market.

Workbook: With over 500 pages crammed with hundreds of examples, this enormous 11′′x17′′ workbook makes chart reading and detecting bases easier than ever.

What will you learn?

  • In-depth examination of how to acquire stocks, covering alternate pivot points, IPOs, and identifying flawed bases.
  • Offensive and defensive sell signals, including 15 distinct sell signals and hundreds of instances
  • Money management techniques

Who is this course for?

The IBD Chart School is designed for:

  • Those who want to better enhance positions.
  • Those who want to briskly find IPOs ready to break out.
  • Those who need to understand charts at a deeper level.
  • Those who need to learn the essential selling strategies for maximizing gains and protecting capital.


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