IBD Model Stock Home Study Program – Investors

Hosted by one of the greatest investing legends, William J. O’Neil, this course provides you with the needed training to recognize and profit from the next big leader. The course includes more than one hundred stocks that are carefully studied over and over to master the characteristics of true market leaders.

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Investors, William Neil
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Course overview

What’s your longest winning streak in stock trading? Does it happen often? Does your current strategy give you a high profit to loss ratio? If you are not satisfied with your current trading state, give IBD Model Stock Home Study Program a check and you will get to know the well-thought plan for maximal profits introduced in the course.

This course is suitable for Stock Trading.

Course outline

  • 145 Best Stocks from IBD’s Model Books.
  • Two 2 ½-hour-long DVDs.

What will you learn?

  • 145 stocks with each chart meticulously annotated, bases, buy points, places to add shares, sell signals, etc.
  • Bill O’Neil’s commentary and insight on some of his biggest winners and some stocks that Bill missed along the way.
  • Bill’s personal stories on 25 of the model stocks, teaching you how to maximize your profits when you find yourself holding a big winner.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who trade stocks and prefer learning through real stories and experiences.



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