How I Trade the QQQs – Don Miller

Via the How I Trade the QQQs course by Don Miller, he will show you the criteria he utilizes for high-probability setups and entries in this video course.

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Don Miller, Business Made Simple
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Course Overview

Want to make a living trading the QQQs? Don Miller has been doing so using strategies refined over the past several years. And now, you can learn his complete methodology. In this video course, he will give you the parameters he uses for high-probability setups and entries.


Course Outline

  • Part 1: QQQ Fundamentals
    • What is QQQs?
    • Why trade the Qs?
    • Don’s Transition from Stock Trading
  • Part 2: Key Trading Concepts
    • Setting Priorities & Dispelling Myths
    • A Skill Business
    • Focusing on the Future
    • Stressing Simplicity
    • Risk & Trade Management
    • Mastering Probability
  • Part 3: Don’s QQQ Trading Strategies
    • Chart Preparation & Overview
    • Key Chart Components
    • Trading Station & Screen Prints
    • Multiple Trading Techniques
    • High Probability Trade Setups
    • Order Entry Techniques
  • Part 4: Measuring & Improving Performance
    • Income Potential
    • Assessing Results
    • Maintaining Confidence
    • Hurdles & Recommendations
  • Part 5: Real-Time Trading
    • As Market Opportunities Permit


What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding how to find strikes with a high probability of success.
  • Skills to determine how much money you need to use as leverage to generate income to grow your account.
  • Understanding how and when to enter and exit your trades.
  • Know what to do when your trade is being challenged.
  • Skills how to scale up to multiply your income.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to take the investing game to the next level!
  • Anyone who wants to learn new trading techniques.

Don Miller

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