Quickstart To Precision Trading – April 2020 with TG Watkins

Quickstart To Precision Trading – April 2020 with TG Watkins sheds light on the best practices of stock trading. It covers how to improve trading strategy and master emotions to maximize profits with precision trading.

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Course overview

Quickstart To Precision Trading – April 2020 with TG Watkins equips you with powerful techniques, tools, and a suitable mindset, to trade with sharp observation and great timing. With illustrated case studies, the course will help you understand the contextual information of whys and hows behind the techniques.

This course is designed for Stock Trading.


Course Outline

  • Strategy Class
  • Quickstart Video
  • Moxie Indicator™ + Scans
  • Moxie Indicator™ Mastery


What will you learn?

  • How to systemize the approach to the trading strategy setups for effective management.
  • How to calm yourself down no matter how volatile the market is.
  • How to trade with confidence and profitability no matter how choppy the conditions of trading are.
  • What TG Watkins has applied to strike the balance between the personal life and the professional life of a full-time trader.
  • How to approach trading with the mindset of a professional trader/
  • How to maintain the presence of your mind amidst the chaotic situations of the market.
  • How to decode the principles behind stock trading.
  • How to collect the messages in stock trading charts.
  • Access to the Moxie indicator and the Moxie Stock scans.
  • And much more techniques!


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who enter and exit a trade more precisely.


TG Watkins

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