Advanced Pattern Trader Course – Trade Empowered

Advanced Pattern Trader Course – Trade Empowered is a revolutionary new program designed to teach traders the skill of pattern recognition. Suitable for both brand-new traders and veterans.

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Trade Empowered
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Course overview

Advanced Pattern Trader Course – Trade Empowered dissects the mystery behind Fibonacci ratios and pattern formations. It discusses the psychological factors that influence collective human behavior and shows you why that makes advanced pattern trading so lucrative. These pattern formations are extremely versatile, and once you master the skill you can apply it to virtually any market and time frame.

This course is designed for Forex, Stock Trading, and Futures Trading.  

Course Outline

  • Watch This First
  • Why Advanced Pattern Formations Work
  • Foundations of Technical Analysis
  • The Advanced Gartley Formation
  • The Advanced Gartley Formation – Constellation Alternate Rule Set
  • The Advanced Bat Formation
  • The Advanced Butterfly Formation
  • The Advanced Cypher Formation
  • Final Thoughts
  • Constellation Advances Pattern Trader Course


What will you learn?

  • The mystery behind Fibonacci ratios and pattern formations.
  • How to use structural analysis to identify impulse legs and anchor legs.
  • How to identify some of the most profitable advanced pattern formations in the market today.
  • How to use limit orders for higher time frame trading.
  • How to front run your orders so you don’t miss out on valid trades.
  • Where to place your stops to limit your risk, and where to place your targets to maximize your reward.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for traders who are ready to learn proven techniques that will help them take their trading to a whole new level.



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