Recurring Forex Patterns Training Program – Forexmentor

Via the Recurring Forex Patterns Training Program, you will learn these money making patterns step-by-step along with illustrations and trade examples.


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Forexmentor, Vic Noble, Shirley Hudson
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Course Overview

These patterns provide safer trading opportunities to the active Forex traders who know how to look for and trade them. Successful Forex traders recognize and know the nuances of these technical patterns. This familiarity allows them to profit from these recurring patterns over and over again. With experience, these trade setups become even easier to spot. We believe this will help you trade Forex more consistently!


Knowing how to look for and take advantage of recurring Forex price patterns is one of the main weapons available to the professional Forex trader. The key is knowing how to identify these patterns that form frequently and predictably throughout the trading day. While it does require experience to learn to trade these patterns, once mastered, one will increase their chance of profit. The more you trade, the better you will get and the clearer and more transparent these patterns become.


Course Outline

  • Introduction From Vic & Shirley
  • Welcome
  • About Shirley Hudson
  • About Vic Noble
  • What We Mean by “short Term Trading”
  • Why This Course?
  • Who is This Course for?
  • What You’ll Learn in This Course
  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • Support & Resistance
  • Price Levels
  • Price Levels of S/r
  • Using Alerts
  • Candlesticks
  • Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Candles
  • Inside Candle
  • Hammer and Inverted Hammer
  • Doji’s & Spinning Tops
  • Other S&r Levels
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Basic Fibonacci Levels Illustration
  • Fibonacci Extension Levels
  • Fibonacci Extension Illustration
  • Fibonacci External Retracements
  • Pivots
  • Pivot Levels
  • Market Flow
  • Market Flow Illustration
  • Average Daily Range
  • S & R Levels Recap
  • Risk Management
  • Account Management
  • Is 1% Risk Enough?
  • Using a Micro Account
  • Entering a Trade
  • The Noble Entry Explained
  • Noble Entry Illustrated
  • Other Entries
  • Trade Management
  • Stop Placement
  • Stop Placement Illustrated
  • Targets & Stop Adjustments
  • 38% Retracements for Targets
  • Profitable Trading Patterns
  • Pattern #1: Overlapping Fibonacci Levels
  • Pattern #2: the Figure & a Noble Entry
  • Pattern #3: Fibs, Pivots & a Noble Entry
  • Pattern #4: Fib External Retracements, Extensions, Pivots, & Fibs
  • Pattern # 5: Macd Divergence
  • Pattern #6: the Vic Trade
  • Comments on the Patterns
  • Understanding the Trading Environment
  • Additional Considerations to Confirm Trade Setups
  • Psychological Considerations
  • The Impact of Emotions
  • The Need for Objectivity
  • Beware of This Trap
  • The Need for a Plan
  • Trading Journal
  • Summary
  • Where to Go From Here
  • Closing Comments


What Will You Learn?

  • The basic tools and knowledge needed to trade these patterns
  • How to find and trade these straightforward patterns successfully
  • How to enter, exit and manage the 6 patterns with proper risk and trade management
  • How to understand the overall market environment to improve your odds
  • The proper psychological mind-set to win consistently
  • A proven success model
  • Clear concise patterns
  • Explanation of one of the most important aspects of trading – reading the market environment and how to tell when/why to take and book your profits


Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who are looking to follow a proven and successful model of trading the Forex throughout the trading day.


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