Bradley Cowan – Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles

The Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles guide you through the whole analyzing process. As a result, recognizing market patterns is one of the outputs of a thorough grasp of market trends.

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Course overview

If you are seeking courses to improve market forecasting accuracy, Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles by Bradley Cowan is highly recommended due to its established methodologies. The remarkable style of this book captivated the trading industry when it was initially published in 1993. The version you obtain on our website is the online courses based on the book’s content and trading market updates. This course’s notable features include comprehensible technique training and insightful analysis of genuine occurrences.

The first set of two volumes, Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles, comprises the first 10 lessons in the four-book course. Although the stock market is presented as an example, the concepts are applicable to any market. This award-winning home-study course teaches market analysts how to create reliable financial market models that anticipate price movement years in advance. These methods use geometry and cycle analysis to locate price and time turns.

Course outline

Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles is presented in two parts. The first five lessons define Part One and the last five lessons compose Part Two.

  • Part One – Four-dimensional price-time structures: This part introduces financial markets to the novel notion of multidimensional analysis. The instruments for viewing markets in dimensions other than the standard two of price and time are being created. After mastering these skills, they are utilized to find the real geometric patterns and ratios at the heart of financial market activity. The finished geometric solid that flared between 1899 and 1982 is thoroughly examined.
    • Lesson 1 – price-time radii vectors (PTV)
    • Lesson 2 – the elliptical nature of price-time
    • Lesson 3 – growth patterns
    • Lesson 4 – price-time ratios more important than fibonacci
    • Lesson 5 – geometric structures
  • Part Two – Four-dimensional price-time cycles: This part introduces a novel approach to understanding financial market cycles. This is not the standard cycle analysis that many analysts use nowadays. Rather, sympathetic resonance, a physical phenomena, is utilized to separate cyclical impacts in financial markets, with an emphasis on the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA).
    • Introduction to part 2
    • Lesson 6 – sympathetic resonance and the law of vibration
    • Lesson 7 – cycles
    • Lesson 8 – planetary cycles

What will you learn?

With the Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles course, you can achieve these significant values:

  • Understanding how these dominating emotional swings can be predicted for the foreseeable future.
  • Understanding the truth about what is going on in the financial markets.
  • The benefits of using the original source of financial market analysis.
  • In-depth examination of financial market timing.
  • Understanding the driving causes underlying price movements in the financial markets.

Who is this course for?

The Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures & Cycles course is designed for:

  • Those who desire to master the subject of financial market analysis.
  • Those who want to broaden the base of knowledge well beyond what he/she currently knows, regardless of his current level of expertise.
  • Those who want to better understand the simple application of science and proven natural law in trading.
  • Those who are interested in learning to trade via the extensive and direct examples in financial market charts.


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