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Clear up your confusion about technical analysis and decipher the mystery of the market with Simpler Trading’s David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator.

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Technical Analysis

Course overview

Facing market volatility and getting yourself out of the fear of technical analysis with David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator. Trend Spark is an indicator created by David Starr and Neil Yeager to prevent you from slipping into the pitfalls of making inappropriate decisions and putting risks on your trading portfolio.

Trend Spark Indicator offers the tool – the indicator itself, and a wide range of technical strategies so that you can aim for high returns despite the volatility. Following the Trend Spark Indicator’s guidance, you can decode the subtle suggestions from the market, thus paving the way for selecting the most optimal strategies, trading instruments, and time frames for the highest profitability.

Course outline

  • The Trend Spark indicator
  • Trend Spark user guide

What will you learn?

  • Using the Trend Spark indicator to decode the upcoming movements of the market
  • A broad array of techniques and strategies for achieving higher profitability amidst the volatility
  • How to handle unexpected reversals
  • Time frames for entries/ exits into the market and trade starts/stops for maximizing profits while keeping the risks acceptable
  • Application of the indicators in any market, be it stock trading, ETFs, crypto, currencies, and so on

Who is this course for?

David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator by Simpler Trading is tailored for traders who are looking for hands-on knowledge and a practical technical analysis tool to prevent you from potential losses.



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