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Master Trader Technical Strategies of Master Trader boasts 120% of profit with every trade, just by following this all-in-one and power-packed course.

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Master Trader
Technical Analysis

Course overview

Master Trader Technical Strategies by Master Trader is the ultimate technical analysis course, showing positions to maximize your profits in any form of trading, whether it is stock, swing, forex, prop, or scalping trading. The best part about Master Trader Technical Strategies is the system that can be applied to all trading markets, including strategies of market analysis, risk and money management, and psychology of trading. With 13 in-depth modules, Master Trader Technical Strategies ensure students go from absolute beginners to professional experts when it comes to technical analysis and movement prediction of the market.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Master Trader Technical Strategies – MTS
  • Module 2: Master Trader Candlesticks and Bar by Bar
  • Module 3: Master Trader Support and Resistance Concepts
  • Module 4: Master Trader Volume Concepts
  • Module 5: Master Trader Moving Average Concepts
  • Module 6: Master Trader Trend Analysis Concepts
  • Module 7: Master Trader Retracements, Relative Strength, and Relative Weakness Concepts
  • Module 8: Master Trader Multiple Time Frame Concepts
  • Module 9: Master Trader Gap Trading Concepts
  • Module 10: Master Trader Market Internals and Inter-market Analysis Concepts
  • Module 11: Master Trader Position and Money Management Concepts
  • Module 12: Master Trader Psychology of Trading Concepts
  • Module 13: Master Trader Patterns – Strategies and Course Review

What will you learn?

  • 13 modules covering from basic understanding to complex concepts of technical analysis of predicting the movements of the market
  • Positions and approaches to maximize your profits in any form of trading
  • A system that applies to all trading markets
  • Methods of mastering support and resistance in the trading market

Who is this course for?

Master Trader Technical Strategies by Master Trader is perfect for intermediate traders, ready to take on challenges and follow disciplines to become an expert in technical analysis.

Additional Information

Master Trader is an online institute, creating primary products being educational trading courses. Master Trader introduces the approach under the name ‘Techno-Fundamentals’ – a collection of mixed knowledge, ranging from Inter-Market Analysis to Technical Analysis. Such a process makes the learner easily get the hang of the system.



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