Technical Stock Trading of Live Trader – Jared Wesley

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Technical Stock Trading by Jared Wesley is booming with an incredible number of trading learners worldwide, boasting thousands of income per week. 

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Jared Wesley, Live Trader
Stock Trading

Course Overview

Technical Stock Trading by Jared Wesley of Live Trader is a stock trading course promising an appropriate approach to practical knowledge and processes that can be instantly implemented into your actual trading systems. You will learn to spot the striking difference between certain actions leading you to either profits or losses, thus, improving the ability to make quick and logical decisions in response to the constantly changing movements of the market.

With just a couple of minutes into Technical Stock Trading by Jared Wesley, you will soon understand why the number of his mentees is non-stop growing all over the world and they are actually making incredible progress with optimal adjustments applied to their trading techniques and methods. Learners will not only get equipped with raw knowledge but also emotionally prepared for any unexpected things from the market as their journeys in the trading industry go on.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Technical vs Fundamental
  • Trading Timeframes & Terminology
  • The Basic Foundation
  • Technical Patterns
  • Amplifiers
  • Gap Basics
  • Trading Business Basics
  • Trading Plan Fundamentals
  • Trading Systems & Platform Considerations
  • Charts to Review Summary

What will you learn?

  • The basics and the secrets behind the stock market
  • The difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis
  • Analyzing trends and market cycles with candlestick charts, volumes, and moving averages
  • How to combine buying and selling set-up alongside 3&4 bar play
  • Detecting the support and resistance levels as well as its relative strengths, weaknesses, matching time frames
  • Understanding gaps and how to evaluate them
  • The proper way to plan the cycle of success and what to consider when developing trading plans
  • Reviewing charts and deducting summaries and insights for better trades

Who is this course for?

Technical Stock Trading by Jared Wesley of Live Trader is designed for intermediate stock traders who are planning to implement technical analysis techniques in their trading systems for improved profits.



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