Cycle Hunter Books 1-3 – Brian James Sklenka

Learners may make speculating a viable vocation by reading the Cycle Hunter Books 1-3 by Brian James Sklenka.

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Brian James Sklenka, Wheels In The Sky
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Course Overview

This is a narrative of how the Gann area modified the life of 1 particular person. We first meet our precept character, performed by Craig, when he’s new and struggling, hungry for information. Through outdated mates and the help of individuals he meets, the assistance of educated mentors is obtained, overcoming evaluation, frustration and buying and selling issues.

We see our character develop from a confused neophyte via discoveries, systemization and buying and selling. The reader is with him every step of the way. The work is supposed to be the final word for troubleshooting within the area. No work will ever reside as much as the “Tunnel Book” or the data it accommodates, nevertheless, for our age (style) we imagine that Cycle Hunter is a detailed second.

Course Outline

  • “The Fezzan” – Contains the Bttlc proposition, information and starting evaluation.
  • “The Analyst” – Contains the evaluation of the information.
  • “The Trader” – Contains Systemization and Trading.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to Use Gann Square as a Predictive Indicator (a Technical Analysis Tool)
  • Learn how to use Gann square to enter or exit a forex or stock trade.
  • You will discover what levels are significant in trading and how to profit from the trend.
  • Learn about the most popular technical analysis tool among advanced traders.

Who Is This Course For?

  • For anyone interested in trading foreign stocks and currencies
  • Those who want to trade with low risk


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