ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy – Trading Markets

ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy reveals a myth in the industry and shows you how to find profitable opportunities in high-volatility stocks.

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Course overview

ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy by Larry Conners boasts a ‘cash product’ that can earn you 15-20% annually by finding highly rewarding opportunities in the ‘beta’ stocks – also known as high-volatility stocks. Via in-depth technical analysis, ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy can provide you with both attractive signals on high-beta stock and the high-level cash for lowering significantly the volatility of the portfolio.

ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy is condensed with strategies deducted from 15 years spent in the market and the highest-quality, data-driven research on trading for individual investors. His strategies are regarded as completely original, consistent, and reliable for all types of markets and accounts of any size.


Course outline

  • CRSI Selective spreadsheet
  • ConnorsRSISelective manual
  • CRSISelectiveRules manual
  • CRSI_Q313_01 video


What will you learn?

  • Fast and easy ways to manage your trades
  • Accurate trading signals of buying opportunities in stocks
  • Using ‘The Machine’ – a professional-grade portfolio management system developed by Connors Research
  • Filtering trading signals for maximizing growth
  • Controlling exposure to safe money accounts
  • Setup, entry, and exit rules for over 60 variations


Who is this course for?

ConnorsRSI Selective Trading Strategy contains numerous strategies and up to 60 variations of rules, which should only be tackled by seasoned traders, whereas those at lower levels may find them overwhelming.



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