Cash Flow Investing Course

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Members will gain the ability to identify robust investment opportunities with strong cash flow potential and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the community.

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Cash Flow Investing Course learn to buy the very best cash flowing stocks

Table of Contents

Unit 0 & 1: Intro to an Enterprise
Understand a business enterprise and how they grow. The Pizza Shop example
Unit 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Learn to read annual reports (10Ks)
Unit 3: The Puzzle and Forecasting Stock Price
Run your own financial model and forecast. You can do this.
Unit 4: Investing vs Trading
Buy right and hold on. The power of compounding is amazing!!
Unit 5: Index vs Focused Portfolio & Conclusion
Be an active value investor, think for yourself and don’t follow the crowd.
Course Materials – Apple 10ks

The Cash Flow Club

The Cash Flow Club is the home of the 1 Pager. A one page summary of a company’s revenue, earnings, debt and cash flow to help long term investors focus on what truly matters – Cash Flow.

The monthly membership provides you with full access to the library of 1 Pagers as well a new 1 Pagers published monthly. Stocks ranging from classic consumer stables and industrials to high tech SaaS and Cloud companies are reviewed on a regular basis and judged for their ability to provide the investor with both cash flow and long term capital appreciation. Long term members will learn to spot a strong cash flowing investment opportunity and can post questions within the community.

5 Key Attributes

1. Revenue Growth
2. EBITDA Growth
3. Strong Free Cash Flow
4. Low Debt
5. Well Priced


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