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Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics helps you knock down the barriers against your acquisition of Wyckoff principles

The Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics is one of the top recommended courses for the beginners of Wyckoff methods, because of its comprehensive curriculum alongside the insightful illustration. The Basic Charting Course has 20 modules in total, walking you through the essential aspects and techniques based on the Wyckoff principles. In particular, you will gain the solid foundation of such legendary frameworks. The first module of the Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics clarifies the knowledge about the chart types, such as Vertical (aka Bar), Candlestick, Point & Figure (P&F), Candlevolume, while module 2 shares the time frames matching the price patterns as well as the combination of the multiple time frames. 

Those insights pave the path for the acquisition of technical analysis in the next six modules. From module 3 to module 8, the elements of a trading chart analysis are broken down in detail, such as the price cycle, trends, trading ranges, and so on. As a result, the knowledge about how to interpret these signals into the trading plan or strategy setup is provided in the rest of the course. Module 9 of the Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics sheds light on the technical patterns while module 10 and module 11 deep dives into Accumulation and Distribution, respectively. Some of the basic concepts applying the Wyckoff Principles are openly shared in the course, such as the Supply and Demand law, the Effort vs. Result law, the Wyckoff P&F, and so on. Moreover, you will get access to some powerful technical indicators when taking the Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics, including, Stochastics, Rate of Change (ROC), Relative Strength Index, On Balance Volume (OBV), and so on.

For more information about the Basic Charting Course by Wyckoff Analytics, in terms of samples and prices, feel free to reach our team for support via Email, Skype and live chats on our website.  

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Wyckoff Analytics has been known for its high quality courses about the deep-dives into the Wyckoff principles and the adaptation to modern trading. There are many aspects of such time – tested frameworks instructed in the Wyckoff Analytics courses for stable growth of trading profits. Your trading is taken to the next level as long as you adapt the techniques and strategies in a proper way. The Wyckoff Analytics instructors are the professional traders and the experienced researchers about the Wyckoff principles. As a result, the techniques and strategies you gain from the Wyckoff Analytics courses are guaranteed with the adaptability level to real trading. The solid foundation is highlighted in every course of the Wyckoff Analytics as well as the advanced concepts for you to upgrade your own trading skills.

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