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Winning Trades Procedure Course clears out the confusion of day trading and thus helps to boost both your confidence and your winning chances.

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Course overview

Winning Trades Procedure Course by Dr. Gary Dayton of Trading Psychology Edge helps you overcome the challenge of the day trading markets in a 3 or 5-minute time frame. In such a situation, things happen quickly and volatility strikes frequently with little to no warning, which makes your account vulnerable to losses. Winning Trades Procedure Course introduces you to the trading procedure that will shed light on how you identify the certain probability of your trade positions upon entering or exiting financial markets.

Winning Trades Procedure Course shows you the appropriate combinations of different time frames in the day trading market so that you can avoid potential risks and improve your chance of executing profitable trades. And even better, learners are not required to have prior know-how, all will get meticulously walked through the Winning Trades Procedure Course and are expected to develop self-sufficiency and confidence to execute their own winning trades.

Course outline

  • Gary’s Winning Trades Procedure video
  • Winning Trades Procedure manual

What will you learn?

  • ‘Key of the day’ time frame to keep you on the right track in the markets
  • Reading higher time frame and the trading time frame bar-by-bar
  • Using Weis Wave to initiate and manage trades
  • Entering a trending market appropriately with Dr. Gary’s favorite multiple time frames
  • Using multiple time frames effectively when congestion hits
  • Techniques for entering and exiting trades to get you in a good position

Who is this course for?

Winning Trades Procedure Course is perfect for experienced intermediate traders who are looking for guidance to take them over the frustration of the day trading market and improve the chances of getting their hands on winning trades.



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