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War Room Psychology vol 4 (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades helps you understand the common psychology of successful traders and how to think consistently when entering the market.

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Course overview

The War Room Psychology vol 4 (Volume 1-4) course outlines the common characteristics of a successful trading mindset. From there, you will recognize the common characteristics of the mindset and psychology of traders who have been profitable for many years.

Pat Mitchell created this course to help readers broaden their understanding of walking you through the invention of right timing, the mindset. It is important that you are easily fooled by market movements, so the course also teaches you how to be consistent in the mentality of a trader.

Course outline

  • War Room Psychology Vol. 1: getting to know the problems of trading that are caused and solved by the shift of your mind
  • War Room Psychology Vol. 2: your mind might be stronger than you have expected
  • War Room Psychology Vol. 3: change the way you look at things, things you look at change
  • War Room Psychology Vol 4: the right ends with high profitability are waiting

What will you learn?

  • Learn the psychological controls of day trading and its importance
  • Know the solutions to negative psychological problems like quitting good trades, volatile markets
  • You learn about the misconception about micromanaging, perfection, timing as well as analysis, etc
  • Know how to implement techniques to change your mindset and improve your account with consistent profit

Who is this course for?

War Room Psychology vol 4 is suitable for those who:

  • Want to strengthen the psychology when participating in the market
  • Often exiting good stock early, do not know how to manage when the market shakes strongly
  • Want to change the point of trading view


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