War Room Psychology Vol.3 – Trick Trades


War Room Psychology Vol.3 by Trick Trades clears out the shadow of doubt and shines learners into getting themselves together when things go awful.

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Trick Trades
Technical Analysis

Course overview

War Room Psychology Vol.3 by Trick Trades stays by your side and tells you what to do with a proper mindset of a true trader when a trade goes against your calculation. War Room Psychology Vol.3 shows that it is all about perception and you only need some simple rules so as not to get drowned by pessimistic thoughts when the mass panic strikes.

With the technical analysis of terrible trade situations, War Room Psychology Vol.3 shows you how to stay calm despite the fluctuating conditions of the market to come up with viable actions for protecting and maintaining your profits.

Course outline

  • Psychology vol.3 video

What will you learn?

  • Controlling your perception of a loss
  • The after-steps of a big gain to hold on to your profits
  • The essentials of a small-size and its impact on your mental state in a trade
  • Fixing the gambler’s mindset and swapping it for that of a true trader
  • When to shut a bad trade down
  • How to not over-analyze a trade and be crushed by it
  • The downside of micro-managing and the best solutions
  • Why you should not be bothered by others’ successes and keep your cool to identify viable strategies and tactics

Who is this course for?

War Room Psychology Vol.3 is indeed for everyone considering themselves as traders. You can be experienced, but still, easily shaken by your own emotions. Let’s War Room Psychology Vol.3 gets you to overcome the struggle and achieve the winnings you deserve.



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