Combo 4 New Courses From AmiBroker

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If you want to decode the performance of a trading system, Combo 4 New Courses From AmiBroker is among the best courses. It provides a comprehensive walk-through combined with real case studies.

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Technical Analysis


Course Overview

Combo 4 New Courses From AmiBroker combines the details in analysis techniques for strategy development. The ultimate goal is to automate your trades for profit maximization but with the least anxiety.

The whole process is shown through four courses in this package. First, you learn to collect insights into the trading markets. Sophisticated real-time charting comes hand in hand with portfolio optimization. So, you can enhance the scanning capacities of the system.

The essential codes for the platform development are what you can also expect. Once the system is finished, it is necessary to backtest the effectiveness of the programs. So, you can build a robust system and work well amidst chaotic markets.

Course Outline

  • Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker Matt Radtke
  • AmiBroker Custom Backtester Intensive
  • Programming Adaptive Strategies in AmiBroker
  • Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker

What Will You Learn?

  • Detailed instructions on rotational systems in AmiBroker and AFL code templates for you to integrate into your Excel documents for a quick check.
  • The robust backtesting techniques are shared so that you can check whether the system works well in the real trading world.
  • You will understand more about the Custom Backtest (CBT) and the application of AmiBroker in the real trading context.
  • How to develop a system that automatically sets your trades at the right time of entries and exits for the highest profitability.

Who Is This Course For?

Combo 4 New Courses From AmiBroker is the package where fundamentals and advanced concepts are found. So, it is ideal for all traders and developers at any level!

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