TTF and Forte Markets: 2-Day Seminar in London UK – The Trading Framework

TTF and Forte Markets: 2-Day Seminar in London UK by The Trading Framework walks you through proven frameworks that worked in the real trading world. You can learn through theory instructions and real case studies.

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The Trading Framework, Kam Dhadwar
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

TTF and Forte Markets: 2-Day Seminar in London UK by The Trading Framework shares all the ideas that create this framework for buying and selling. Kam has used over 15 years plus of trading experience to create probably the most effective but simple method of trading with auction market theory and market volume profile techniques for market structure analysis, with the addition of essential planning and risk management techniques.


Course Outline

  • Profile Trading Mastery Course.
  • Mystery of Mastery Course.
  • Peak Trading Performance Programme.
  • Perfecting Execution and Trade Management.
  • Futures Spread Trading Masterclass.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to grasp all the things you must learn about Auction Market Theory in its simplest but most efficient kind. Cutting out all of the noise and making it simple to grasp and apply.
  • Understanding how to determine what the anticipated Market Participant’s Behaviours are while they negotiate the Market Price via Structure
  • Using the “Customs Value Areas” to supply a Trading Framework to assist outline truthful and unfair costs to search out the perfect Risk to Reward and highest chance buying and selling Opportunities.
  • Master the Volume Profiling Techniques utilized by Kam Dhadwar with in-depth discussions on methods to use them virtually in a number of buying and selling eventualities.
  • Learn why the Perception of Price over Time is extraordinarily helpful and way more highly effective when making use of fundamental Price Pattern Logic round Auction Market Theory and Profiling ideas.
  • Learn what separates the typical AMT Profile Trader from the perfect with the significance of Market Relationships; learn to enhance the chance of commerce figuring out through the use of these successfully.
  • How to organize buying and selling the RIGHT method. Learn what’s essential to think about and WHY!
  • You will probably be taught methods to VISUALISE what the market might do BEFORE it does in order that your unconscious thoughts align with the acutely aware mind’s plan in ADVANCE.
  • Timing and Execution – The significance of Short-term Price Pattern Analysis and why it’s important to visualize the swings required BEFORE partaking for execution and HOW to do that successfully in completely different contextual conditions.
  • Advanced Order Flow Trading Techniques – Ho to maneuver from seeing the potential entry level’s in advance proper all the way down to ENGAGING with Order Flow for execution. Learn what to search for, what it means, and why it’s essential!
  • Advanced Trade Management Techniques utilizing Position Sizing, Effective Risk Management, and Efficient Target and Exit Strategies.
  • Why Time and Trading Volume must be thought of in your plans and why it’s important to enhance consistency.
  • You will study particular Tools and Techniques that can assist you to develop Discipline, Patience, Belief, and Confidence.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is for every trader at all trading levels.



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