Trading Journal – Dr. Gary Dayton

Trading Journal – Dr. Gary Dayton not only takes your trading skills to the next level but also scales up your account. It helps you with the common struggles and frustrations faced by all traders.

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Trading Psychology Edge, Dr. Gary Dayton
MS Financial Trading

Course overview

Trading Journal – Dr. Gary Dayton takes you through the sequence of properly using the journal and illustrates with clear examples for each section to provide you a model to follow. Applied consistently, it can help you develop your technical and mental proficiencies in trading, and build your confidence and consistency.

This course is designed for Financial Trading.

Course Outline

  • Keep an Effective Trading Journal (MP4 File)

What will you learn?

  • How to effectively prepare for the trading day.
  • How to set up your daily game plan.
  • How to identify the most important personal goals to work on.
  • How to record your trades and mental states.
  • How to assess your trading performance and decision-making.
  • How to identify positive and limiting patterns in your trading.
  • How to use a straightforward method to address limiting patterns.
  • How to apply deep, deliberate practice to your trading.
  • How to track your progress.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for both novice and experienced traders. New traders can use the journal to consciously and systematically develop sound trading skills and habits and veterans can readily use it to help take their trading to the next level.



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