Trade for Life 7-day Intensive Training Course – Oliver Velez, Dan Gibby

Trade for Life 7-day Intensive Training Course by Oliver Velez, Dan Gibby boasts the insights and experience from years of doing short-term trading.

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Trade for Life 7-day Intensive Training Course Description

Trade for Life 7-day Intensive Training Course by Oliver Velez, Dan Gibby is an extensive powerful crash course on how to transform your day trading system greatly profitable and make consistent flows of trading profits. The course provides you with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical tips and tricks taken straight from years of real-life trading and running the Velez Capital Management – one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing private equity trading firms.


Here are what you will learn in this course:

  • VCM Advanced Training Gibby
    • Sessions 1 – 6a
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 1a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 1b.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 1c.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 1d.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 2a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 2b.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 2c.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 3a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 4a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 5a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 5b.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 5c.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 6a.mp4
    • Sessions 6b – 8
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 6b.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 7a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 7b.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 7c.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 8a.mp4
      • VCM_Gibby_Session 8b.mp4
    • VCM Advanced Training Velez
      • Sessions 1 – 5
        • VCM_Velez Session 1a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 1b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 2a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 2b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 3a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 3b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 3c.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 4a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 4b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 5a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 5b.mp4
      • Sessions 6 – 8
        • VCM_Velez Session 6a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 6b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 7a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 7b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 8a.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 8b.mp4
        • VCM_Velez Session 8c.mp4

Dan Gibby

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Oliver Velez

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