The Gold Treasure Map: The Path to Buried Treasure Trading Gold – Simpler Trading

The Gold Treasure Map: The Path to Buried Treasure Trading Gold by  Simpler Trading presents adaptable techniques and strategies to the real world. You can view how things work in the trading market through real case studies and examples. 

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Course Overview

Gold has the potential for quick profits, but it may be dangerous if you get caught on the wrong side of the market. And gold has a reputation for luring traders into becoming fervent bulls or bears. The Gold Treasure Map: A Path to Buried Treasure Trading Gold by Simpler Trading will teach you how to trade gold’s key twists and turns with accuracy.

Trading the yellow metal is not difficult to learn, but it does need skill sets that are specific to this commodity. Novice investors should proceed with caution, but seasoned investors will profit from adopting these four strategic stages into their everyday trading routines. Meanwhile, we’ll keep trying until the complexities of these complicated marketplaces become second nature.


Course Outline

  • Gold property setups.
  • Gold Elliott wave oscillator
  • Gold strategies and techniques.
  • Recorded live trading sessions.


What Will You Learn?

  • The reason why gold could reach 1,500 in the short term before reversing.
  • Case studies of David’s exact gold setups in 2016.
  • How to trade Neil’s setups using David’s gold roadmap.
  • Trade in the manner of a hedge fund.
  • Get the same tried-and-true tools and chart setups that David and Neil use.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is for every trader who wants to learn tp trade commodities, especially gold.



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