The Trader Mind Program – Steve Ward

The Trader Mind Program by Steve Ward deep dives into the mind of successful traders so that you can draw insights into how they can maintain calmness to make brilliant decisions. 

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Steve Ward
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

The Trader Mind Program by Steve War is critical for anyone wanting to become a confident, consistent, profitable and successful trader. It is not about technical analysis or trading strategy. It is an intensive mental and emotional training program that will teach you proven, powerful psychological techniques and strategies that will help you to overcome your trading fears, develop stronger discipline, and maximize your trading potential and profitability.


Course Outline

  • Week 1: High Performance Trading: The 3 Keys To Successful Trading
  • Week 2: Trading To Win: Developing The Winning Traders Mindset
  • Week 3: Mind Power: The Power of Belief and Perception
  • Week 4: Winning and Losing : Dealing With Risk, Uncertainty, Profits and Losses
  • Week 5: Emotional State Mastery – How To Get Into The Trading Zone
  • Week 6: Breakout – Overcoming Your Trading Challenges and Raising Your Game


What Will You Learn?

  • Create a mastery mindset, a set of beliefs and attitudes that is shared by the world’s best traders and elite performers.
  • Assess your trading motivations and align yourself for success.
  • Develop the ability to deal with the uncertainty of trading the markets.
  • Condition yourself to deal with risk, losses, errors and losing periods.
  • Build a positive mindset around winning, success and money.
  • Create ways of thinking and focussing that enable you to overcome fear and trade with confidence, to enter the trading zone.
  • Assess your beliefs about yourself, the markets and trading, let go of limiting ones and build new empowering ones.
  • Understand how you make decisions and why you know what to do but don’t always do what you know.
  • Discover the path to consistent trading.
  • Enhance your cognitive fitness through practical mental training exercises.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is for everyone who trades at every level.


Steve Ward

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