Excel For Finance Intermediate Course Bundle by Investopedia covers many practical tips for using the features of Excel to manage the database. Also, you can learn to draw more valuable insights from analysis!

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Course Overview

Excel For Finance Intermediate Course Bundle by Investopedia includes practical techniques and real case studies of using Excel for database management and analysis. Instead of being confused about the meanings behind numbers, superior features of Excel can help you bring clarity to hidden messages.

Course Outline


  • Mac Shortcuts
  • Goal Setting

Case Study: Visa Income Statement

  • Visa Income Statement Model and Scenario Workbook
  • Visa FY Estimates
  • Introduction to Visa Income Statement
  • Visa Reuters Estimates
  • Visa Y Charts Estimates
  • Walkthrough
  • Creating the Operating Scenario
  • Validating Information
  • Base Case and Best Case
  • Blended Case
  • Feeding the Model
  • Bull Scenario
  • Bear Scenario
  • Introduction to Waterfall Charts
  • Setting Up the Data
  • Creating the Chart
  • Visa Income Statement Model and Scenario (Answers)

Case Study: Apple Data Mining

  • Apple Data Mining Chart
  • Introduction to Apple Dynamic Data Mining
  • Finding Release Dates
  • Backward Return
  • Forward Return Part 1
  • Forward Return Part 2
  • Populating Dates
  • Preparing Data for Infographic
  • Building the Infographic
  • Review

What Will You Learn?

  • More insights into the applications of Excel formulas through real-world practices used by professionals serving Fortune 100s.
  • Creating complicated financial models for simultaneous analysis of multiple scenarios.
  • Applying industry best practices to guarantee that your work is easily auditable by executives, stakeholders, and colleagues.
  • Unfolding actionable ideas by mining data like an expert analyst.
  • Presenting your findings clearly in beautifully designed charts and speakable databases.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is a great assistance for those who have known the fundamentals of Excel and want to level their skills up.



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